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As you enter the tavern, a human woman in an apron, cleaning a mug with a towel, waves at you from behind the bar.

Please bear with me while I work on my site. As you can see above, it's currently still under construction.

“Greetings, traveler. Come inside and hang your cloak on a peg. We’ve hot food, a warm fire, and cool drink for ye. Whatever’s to your liking. Have a seat at a table or gather in front of the fire. The bard is about to weave her tales of magic and adventure!”

About Me

What’s that? You want to know more about me? Well, I’m flattered. My name is Nixie Lake, but my friends call me Nixie, and I’m the owner and mistress of this here establishment. I’m a transgender woman; my pronouns are she/her.

Oh, I tried to be an adventurer in my younger years, but I could never find a party that was able to stick together long enough to really get to any of the good stuff.


I guess it was never meant to be, but I am grateful that the gods have blessed me with this tavern and the good folk that visit it. I’ve been able to sponsor other adventuring parties for the past several years. I started with a party’s short jaunt into Caldwell’s Castle over near a village called Threshold in Karameikos. That was a bit of a disaster, however, as I think it was three of my adventurers were slain by the goblins hiding out in it.

Hoo! It was a tremendously good thing the local patriarch was in town and was able to raise them from the dead, although I believe they had to go do something for the church as payment. I never heard from them again after that… I wonder whatever happened to them…

Oh but listen to me prattle on. Anyway, I have some tales about the parties I’ve sponsored. You can hear all about My Campaigns another time.

But I do have another life outside of my tavern and my adventurers though.

In my other life I prepare taxes, but I’m leaving that for my other passion, programming. It’s kind of like magic, but not like a wizard. I’d be more like an enchantress or artificer. It’s just a hobby right now, but I plan to enter a college for it next fall.

Now, now. Don’t you fret. I’ll still be seeing to the tavern. Best pulled pork potatoes in the whole barony! It’s my own secret recipe and I wouldn’t deprive the world of tasting it.

And I might even expand my adventuring sponsorship. I was thinking of looking for another adventuring party that might be interested in some really ancient treasure down in a mega-dungeon I know about. Just you watch, I’ll find just the right group to dig up treasures of truly legendary status. You’ll see.

About This Place

This is a place for me to talk about my campaigns, house rules, D&D groups, and any settings and adventures I write. I also will have links to my favourite D&D resources on the web.